Flash Fiction – Dream

I have recently become aware of a style of writing called flash fiction. You either find or are given a photo to inspire you to write a short story. The story can only be between 100 – 150 words. I love to write fiction and wanted to try my hand at this style. So, since I had just written a blog about following my dream of writing, I decided to type the word dream in a Google image search to see what I would get. The above photo caught my eye. I would love for people to use this photo as their own inspiration and write their own flash fiction in the “Reply” section at the bottom. So, here goes my first attempt at flash fiction.

Flash Fiction – Dream

I was known for wearing high heels where ever I would go. I don’t think a soul has seen me without them for at least a decade. So, when my husband bought me a skydiving ticket for my birthday, I knew it had to be done in heels. The day came when I was to cash in my birthday present. I was strapped in tightly to a parachute, or so I thought. When I jumped out of the plane, I felt amazing. I felt like I was flying like a bird above the world. That could be why I never noticed that my parachute pack came off the moment I jumped. I never did hear my husband yelling or notice the man jumping above me. I just closed my eyes and road the wind all the way down. They buried me in high heels just as I would have wanted. (150 words)




5 responses to “Flash Fiction – Dream”

  1. Yeoch. High flying high heels- dreamy indeed . With no waking up from. Another minor typo at the end – sorry it leapt out – road should be rode. I am going to add this picture to my list and write a piece of flash fiction soon. Hopefully today. Maybe tomorrow. I’ve really enjoyed figging through your blog this morning. Thank you for posting all your thoughts, words and emotions.


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