Mom Confessions

     Every parent does or says things that they probably don’t share with their friends or family. I am talking about those moments that you are not totally proud of. It doesn’t make you look like the greatest parent in the world, but it makes you human. There is nothing wrong with hiding in the bathroom to eat a piece of chocolate that you don’t want to share with your kids. I think that as a society we condemn imperfection as if perfection is actually achievable. We should be embracing our flaws and struggles because it is, in fact, one of the things that make us human beings. So here are my confessions.
     I don’t like watching “Moana” multiple times a day. I may sing along with the songs, but deep down I just want to watch “This Is Us”. Young children will make you watch things on repeat every day for months and then out of nowhere, they will no longer want to watch it. It is perfectly okay to not enjoy this. There are many times that I have voiced that I don’t want to watch the same thing for the tenth time that day. It was always in vain though.
     I don’t enjoy cleaning a poop filled diaper, so many times I try to convince my two year old to go to daddy and tell him she needs to be changed. It does not always work, but I still try it. I have had to clean up poop for the past 9 years, and frankly, I am tired of it. I will be very happy to see my youngest potty trained.
      I don’t enjoy doing chores all day long. Some days I do the bare minimum to look like I did something as a stay at home mom, and other days I clean everything I can find. Just because I chose to stay home does not mean that I am super excited about laundry, dishes, and cleaning floors. I will admit that I feel awesome when the cleaning is done, but with four kids the state of pure cleanliness does not last for very long. Some days my kids follow me around and undo everything I clean. Like the days that I fold the blankets in the living room and put them under the coffee table where they go. Then my kids will pull them out as if they are cold, change their mind, and then leave them on the floor inches from where I had left it folded.
     I let my kids watch tv and videos on tablets far longer than I should. With four kids I find it hard to keep them all entertained, so most of the time they want to do their own things. I will admit that since my 9 year old is quiet about it, I will forget that he is on the computer and it will turn into multiple hours. He spends his time watching other people play video games or playing video games himself. Since my two youngest are still in the more hands on stage, I tend to give them more attention than the two older kids.
     I don’t make my kids take a bath or shower every day. Sometimes I can’t remember when they last had a bath, and that’s when I rush through bathing two kids and convincing two other kids to take showers. Most of the time my girls’ faces are dirty. This is mostly due to the fact that I constantly wipe their faces and then they get it messy again a few minutes later.
     I don’t take pleasure in doing my daughters’ hair. Their hair isn’t always perfectly brushed and put up with bows. Both of my daughters go running when they see me with a hairbrush. It sounds as if I am torturing them when I actually manage to make them look adorable. I have been told many stories of not wanting my hair brushed as a child as well. Like mother, like daughter I guess.
     There are many times when I don’t like my children. I love them with all of my heart, but there are times when I just don’t like what they chose to do. In those moments, I just want to be alone. The funny thing is that every time I am alone, I feel lonely and the house is too quiet. My mom loves to tell the story of when I was a toddler and I repeated her famous phrase “Oh, you give me such a headache!” It made her realize to let go of the small stuff that our kids do.
     Life isn’t always easy when you are a parent. There is no shame in imperfection because everyone is imperfect.  So, don’t be afraid to share your parenting confessions.

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