10 Two Sentence Spooky Stories

When I was teaching middle school English in Little Rock, Arkansas, one of my favorite activities for the month of October was Two Sentence Spooky Stories. I challenged my students and myself to write at least one story that was only two sentences a day. I was lenient on the spooky part since not all middle school students are into writing scary things. I wanted to bring back that tradition for my readers. Here are some of my Two Sentence Spooky Stories.

  1. She yells my name in the middle of the night. I don’t know how I know that since I buried here three years ago.
  2. The snoring was so loud next to me that I was beginning to get annoyed. I rolled over to smack my husband but was only met with an empty pillow and a sick feeling in my stomach as I remembered that he had gone on another business trip.
  3. The baby was crying again, so I rubbed my tired eyes and walked to next bedroom to see no crib at all. That’s when I remembered that I didn’t have any kids.
  4. Getting home from a long day at work, I opened the front door and reached for the light switch. A hand was already on the switch and I heard someone whisper, “You’re not alone.”
  5. My daughter has a fear of monsters, so like I always do after I tuck her in bed, I looked for the monsters. That’s when I found my daughter huddled in the closet whispering, “Daddy, that’s not me on the bed.”
  6. I woke up to hear knocking on my door, so I got up to answer it, but no one was there. When I went back to my bedroom, I noticed someone who looks exactly like me was lying in my bed.
  7. I was so tired when my dog dropped a ball next to my face like he always does when he wants to play that I instinctively threw it and rolled over. Then I remembered that my dog died a week ago.
  8. I could have sworn that my reflection was moving slower than I was, but I was tired and still hadn’t had a cup of coffee. Then she winked at me.
  9. I don’t usually find it strange to see my wife and newborn rocking in the old rocking chair in the nursery. But after the car accident and funeral, I never expected to see them again.
  10. The laughter of a child is usually a wonderful thing. It is terrifying to hear it in the middle of the night when you are alone.

I would like to encourage people to write their own Two Sentence Spooky Stories. You can add them in the “Reply” section at the bottom. Happy Halloween.

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