Poem – Sleep

After staying up late to watch season 2 of Stranger Things for 3 days in a row, I am feeling the effects of not enough sleep. So, in the spirit of sleep deprivation, I thought I would share my poem about sleeping.



You and I are like strangers

passing by on the midnight train

I catch a glimpse of you and

Memories come flooding back

To times of joy and laughter

Times where possibilities feel endless


Of course, in this moment I forget

I forget the sorrow and the terror

I only remember all of the good

Warm embraces, long talks, and

A lot of strange coincidences

That always ended in happiness


You exit the train abruptly

As if you weren’t  supposed to be there

I open my eyes and see only reality

The sounds aren’t as sweet, nor are

The sights as bright and warm

I long for your warm embrace once more

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