Poem – The Taste of Music

Before I lost my confidence in writing in college, I wrote a poem as apart of my poetry class’s final exam. The professor just wrote “wow” on the top of the poem and even called my house to tell my parents that he was impressed with my work. I finally found the poem in an old notebook in a box in the basement.

The Taste of Music

Music taste so sweet

Though the music, that has not been imagined,

Must taste so much sweeter.


Every note hits my ears

The sweet melody floods my soul

The rhythm beats within me


Each note, each sweet note

Flies through the air so softly

Landing upon my lips


Never had I tasted

Such sweet music before

Feelings become indescribable


Slowly the notes disappear

And I am all alone

Left with the melody in my head


I had trapped the sounds

With a butterfly net

Capturing the melody forever


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