The idea of being a supermom is not a new one, but the image has changed over the years. In this technology-driven world filled with constant advice at your fingertips, we are now being shown a different picture of a supermom. These supermoms are perfect and so are their kids. They are trendy and always making things from Pinterest. These images are usually not of a supermom. If you look around you, you can see a lot of supermoms. Just look for the cape.

People without children usually think a supermom is the mom in the store with quiet, well-behaved children. I think a supermom is the mom who doesn’t freak out on her kids in public. Those kids may be literally bouncing off the walls and having loud public meltdowns for not getting what they want, but that supermom is not falling apart. Oh, she probably wants to fall on the floor having her own temper tantrum, but she doesn’t. I have been there. The good days are just one or two kids having a tantrum. The bad days are when all four are falling apart loudly in public. That is when my superhero cape flies as I show all of those non-children people with their stink eye, that I too am a supermom.

Supermoms are the moms that make sure that their kids have food to eat. It doesn’t have to be the latest trendy food where it is more healthy than it is edible food. Some supermoms can be seen wearing their capes in the fast food drive-through line. Others send a check to their kids’ school, knowing that they are giving them a meal every day. Don’t get me wrong, I still see the cape flying on the moms in the organic section of the grocery store. I just also see the many capes on other types of supermoms as well.

I see you, supermoms. The ones who find a parking spot at your kids’ school thirty minutes before school ends just to have the perfect spot. I see you because I am there too. Making sure that your child feels secure and protected means that you are willing to sit in a parking lot for a long time in order for your child to see your car right away. You don’t complain when you have to sit in the car. Your younger children might, but you came prepared with snacks and entertainment. This is not your first rodeo.

Your child wore a coat on a cold day. That makes you a supermom. You made sure that your child isn’t too cold when they go outside at recess. Sure it may not always be the most trendy expensive coat, but your child still knows that you care when you yell at them to go back into the house to get their coat before you drive them to school. Don’t forget to make sure when you put on your own jacket that you leave room for that super cape.

Breastfeeding or bottle feeding, you are all supermoms for nourishing your babies. Whether you cover up or do it out in the open. You are still a supermom. Your infant doesn’t care if it comes out of your body or out of a can. They just want to be fed by their supermom. Disposable or cloth diapers, you are making sure that your baby is getting what it needs. So, the next time someone forces their opinion of what is best for your baby, just adjust your super cape and remind them that supermoms do what’s best for their family.

Supermoms sometimes end the day with a stress reliever. That may be in a wine bottle, a venting session with a trusted person, or just watching something funny. This does not mean that you did not do your job all day long. It can mean that you don’t always get time for yourself until all of your children are fast asleep. That is when it is okay to take off your super cape for a while. But all supermoms know that at any moment, one of your children can come out of their bedrooms in search of comfort or a reason to not go to sleep. That is when you grab your cape and go back to work.

You don’t have to follow any set rules to be a supermom. You may appear to have it all together or you may look like you are just barely surviving. You are still a supermom. All moms who show how much they care can be called a supermom. So, when you get up each morning, don’t forget your super cape because as long as you care about your kids you are a supermom. So, proudly let your super cape fly.



19 responses to “Supermoms”

  1. This is wonderful, thank you so much for these beautiful words. Sometimes a mother needs to hear things like this to get through. ❤


  2. Thank you this. Social media has idealized perfection when really, the daily challenges moms overcome is enough to make average person crumble. We create humans, we raise and nurture them, they forever call on us! We are awesome


  3. Thank you Heather, for seeing us moms!! For me, there is nothing more important or closer to my heart than my children ~ they enable (force?) me to walk my talk. Everyday with children (particularly little children) is an adventure! Thanks for giving credit to Moms who deserve it, but not necessarily get it ❤ Blessings!


    • I am so glad that my post made you feel like a supermom because we all need the encouragement and acknowledgement that what we are doing is the best for out kids. No two kids are alike, and no two moms are alike. So we can’t expect to do it all the same way.


    • Just because the media wants us all to be the same, doesn’t mean that it’s what our kids need. They need us to be ourselves and show them how much we love and care for them. We don’t have to be perfect to be their perfect mom.


  4. Supermom, only went back in the house twice because you forgot something, Supermom. ..Getting the kids to school on time with about three or four tradies for the whole school year….Love this


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