Flash Fiction: Mushroom Gas

This is a continuation of the flash fiction I wrote yesterday for the one word prompt droll.

Mushroom Gas

That document explained everything. We all thought that Hitler killed himself in that bunker. The Droll Project was lead by my grandpa and a small group of other spies. The Germans had developed a new lethal gas from common mushrooms that grew wild in the countrysides of Europe.

This piece of information was left out of all of the newspapers and history books. If anyone knew how easy it was to make the most lethal gas it would lead to the end of mankind as we know it.

The American government was profiting from the war and that is why they did not intervene. It wasn’t until my grandpa found out about the mushroom gas that they decided to do something. That discovery would mean that the Nazis wouldn’t have to keep paying them to stay out of the war. They could just use the mushroom gas on us.

The mushroom gas wasn’t the part that would haunt me for the rest of my life. The last line of that document stated that Hitler was helped by my grandpa to escape to Argentina in return for handing over the mushroom gas formula and killing everyone involved.

via Daily Prompt: Mushroom

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