Flash Fiction: Shattered

She clutched her chest and could feel the poison pulsating in her veins. She knew it was only a matter of minutes until it made her way to her heart. Only hours before she had everything she had ever wanted. She was in love with a man who she thought would make her happy for the rest of her life. Instead, now she was on the floor waiting to know what death is really like.

He had been the perfect gentlemen the whole time. She was blindsided when it all happened. They consummated their marriage only hours before. They were lying in bed drinking a bottle of champaign that she thought came with the honeymoon suite. Then, with a smile on his face, he casually mentioned that she was not his first victim and she would not be his last.

The horror of what he said hit her like a brick wall. She stood up to leave but collapsed on the floor clutching her chest. The champaign glass shattered on the floor next to her head. That is when she realized what he had done. It only took a matter of minutes before he was once again a widower.

via Daily Prompt: Clutch

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