Poem – Happiness


It is my theory

You can only be happy

If you want to be

It’s time to let go

Of all of those things you fear

Make you unhappy

Just give in to it

Happiness is as close as

Just one thought away

Only comes from you

No one can do it for you

You need to believe

Via Word of the Day – Theory

5 responses to “Poem – Happiness”

    • I was a teacher for ten years as well. I just recently stopped teaching in pursuit of happiness for my whole family. It is not an easy journey. It has taken me down many paths that I did not expect to go on but in the end I learned so much about myself. I say don’t shy away from the negative in your life. Take a real look at it and find out how to turn it into a positive. You will be so much happier when you do.


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