Poem: Below Zero

When it is so cold

You just can’t sweat the small stuff

Because it freezes

5 responses to “Poem: Below Zero”

    • Here in South Dakota fashion takes a back seat once it gets below zero. I wear a cute winter jacket until I have to shovel snow in freezing temperatures and then I am wearing an over sized men’s puffy jacket. Warm is better than cute.


      • I am originally from Rochester, N.Y. but we had a summer home on Lake Ontario in upstate N.Y. I have now lived in 7 states and just recently moved back up north. I had almost forgotten how cold it can be until now. You see the beautiful snow and then take in a breath to find the cold sucks the breath right out of your lungs. After 10 years in Arkansas where people freak out over 20 degrees and an inch of snow, I am enjoying reaclamating myself to real winter.


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