Flash Fiction: Bite Me Once

Friday Fictioneers

Using the above photo as inspiration, write a flash fiction with 100 words or less.

Bite Me Once

As a child, my brother cruelly locked me in a closet that was known for being filled with spiders. As an adult, the trauma left me terrified of spiders. My husband was of the philosophy that if I face my fears head on, I would be cured. He would set up fake spider webs with fake spiders.

It seemed to be working. So, when I accidentally walked into a spider web, it didn’t bother me. I didn’t even feel the bite. The doctors said that it only took a matter of minutes for the poison to get to my heart. (100 words)



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      1. Writing is indeed a great medium of self-expression, like music and art. I agree, it’s freeing to be able to write just for the sake of it and even more so when we just have one audience in mind- self.
        I love the Friday Fictioneers . It’s a privilege to be able to read the works of the many refined/ talented writers in this fantastic group.
        I look forward to reading more of your stories.🙂


      2. I agree. I feel that we become better writers when we challenge ourselves and read the work of others. Especially when someone takes a different perspective on the same prompt. It makes me love writing all over again when I find that someone else’s story has inspired me to write something new.

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  1. The deadly spiders that have graced this prompt had me checking Wikipedia for factual information about their deadliness. Fear not, Heather, even spiders with a deadly reputation are seldom actually fatal!


    1. That is very good to know. I am glad that I don’t have a fear of spiders. I had a student once who was afraid of all bugs and would jump over several desks to get away from one. Glad I don’t have that kind of reaction to bugs.


      1. How often is it updated with a new photo? I participate in a daily one-word prompt as much as I can. Plus, weekly I do a flash fiction challenge from Carrot Ranch. I am always up for a fun challenge when it comes to creative writing.


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