Flash Fiction: Funland

Friday Fictioneers – January 17, 2018

Using the photo prompt above submitted by J Hardy Carroll, write a flash fiction that is 100 words or less.


They were closing down the old amusement park. As children, my twin sister and I would spend all our chore money there. When we were old enough, we both got a job there. We looked forward to our time in the amusement park until the last year before we went off to college.

You would think this would make me feel nostalgic or maybe even sad. Instead, it only brought me fear. No one knows what happened on our last summer at Funland and we wanted it to stay that way. That body would be completely decomposed by now. (99 words)

39 responses to “Flash Fiction: Funland”

  1. Clearly and fluently written. I was interested that the main characters were twin sisters. From the voice of the narrator I would have guessed male, although I’m not sure why.


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