Flash Fiction: Underestimated

My twin sister Kathy was the popular one. Even though we were identical, I felt like I was invisible most days. She spent her time being social and I spent all of mine reading murder mysteries.

On the day it happened, Kathy asked to borrow my favorite necklace. When they found the body at the bottom of the cliff just off the trail we both run on, everyone just assumed it was me. I never corrected them. If I had, they may have figured out what had really happened. I am a lot more agile than most people think. (99 words)

via Daily Prompt: Agile

2 responses to “Flash Fiction: Underestimated”

    • Thank you. When I worked a 50 hour week as a teacher and then came home to my kids, I hardly had time to be creative. I am enjoying the freedom to express myself. The mom part is still hard but the writing is easier. Though the mom thing is supposed to be hard especially when you have four kids. 😄

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