Flash Fiction: Carved in Time

Friday Fictioneers – January 31, 2018

Photo by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Carved in Time

“They cut it down!” Martha cried.

Allen tried to console his love with a soft touch. He didn’t know exactly what to say. That tree had always been there. Fifty years ago they shared their first kiss under that tree. On their first anniversary, he carved their initials with a heart. They had both thought the tree would last longer than they would.

Martha’s tears followed the trails made by age on her face. For a moment, he found it unbearable to watch and looked down at the carnage. That is when he found his past carved in the wood. (100 words)

22 responses to “Flash Fiction: Carved in Time”

    • I pictured it as a tree that was already older than they are and able to live on for so much longer than they could possible live. It has been a part of their lives and possibly many others. It was thoughtlessly destroyed without any thoughts about the idea that nature could mean something.

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