Flash Fiction: Escaping Paradise

Friday Fictioneers – February 9, 2018 – Photo by JS Brand

Escaping Paradise

After shoveling almost a foot of snow in negative temperatures, she was ready to give it all up. It’s not to say that she didn’t love growing up with all of the seasons, but as she heaved with burning lungs, she was ready to escape the snow.

She sold everything and flew down to the lowest point of the country where one could easily escape their life by boat. As she sailed, she found herself reading novels about real weather. And the longer she stayed in paradise, the more she longed shoveling snow. Now she was ready to escape paradise. (100 words)

12 responses to “Flash Fiction: Escaping Paradise”

  1. Somehow, that’s how it always works… We want what we don’t have or think we want something but not really! As I just came in from shovelling, I can sooooo understand the Snowbirds 😉


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