Flash Fiction: Red Faced

Friday Fictioneers – February 16, 2018 – Photo by Dale Rogers



Red Faced

Laurie sighed as she began to shovel the snow. Inside her children were rejoicing loudly over their snow day. If she had realized that being single meant that she would have to shovel her own driveway, she might have reconsidered the divorce. There are no snow days for adults.

When she finished, she felt proud of the work she had done.

“See, I don’t need a man.” she thought out loud.

She didn’t notice her attractive new neighbor next door was shoveling as well until she turned to go back into the house. Her already red face masked her embarrassment. (100 words)




13 responses to “Flash Fiction: Red Faced”

  1. He might choose to prove her wrong… no, not wrong just not against having a helping hand once and again.
    I have two adult sons and I STILL end up shovelling most of the time… sigh.


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