Flash Fiction: Plucking at Her Heart

Friday Fictioneers – February 21, 2018 – Photo by Maria Gail

Plucking at Her Heart

“Does he love me? Does he love me not?” Sandy whispered as she ceremonially plucked petals from the flower.

Now that she was in her thirties, it seemed silly to be picking flowers to seek the answers she so desired. Yet, here she was, sitting on her back porch holding the stem of a once beautiful rose. A rose that was given to her by her husband. She stared at the stem wondering if it understood the complexities of marriage. With a big sigh, she put the stem next to the others that lay on top of an apology letter.(100 words)

25 responses to “Flash Fiction: Plucking at Her Heart”

  1. Clever viewpoint on the compromise and understanding necessary in a relationship. As you say, we kind of know the answers but it can be soothing to seek reassurance in a simple way.


    • Thank you. I always try to write what pops into my head when I see the picture and this reminded me of my childhood plucking flowers to determine my fate. I liked the idea of going back to the comforts of childhood is hard times in your life.


  2. I like the way you used the rose he gave her as the flower she used to figure out what she already knows. Hopefully she follows her heart, however hard it may be. Wonderful story, and I loved the way you wrote it too.


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