Flash Fiction – To Grandmother’s House We Go

Friday Fictioneers – March 21, 2018 – Photo By Bjorn Rudberg

To Grandmother’s House We Go
“Slow down!” yelled Margaret with her eyes closed.

“Calm down, Maggie. I am going the speed limit.” Joe stayed calm as he rounded each curve.

The kids were asleep in the back seat and were used to their mother’s tendency to overreact. Margaret knew she had to endure it in order to surprise her mother for her birthday.

When the car stopped in front of grandma’s house, Margaret took a deep sigh. They walked to the door to find a note, “Off to the casino for my birthday.” Margaret choked back her feelings and got back in the car.

16 thoughts on “Flash Fiction – To Grandmother’s House We Go

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  1. This sounds as though it predates mobile phones, and indeed is a story from the days when families had one car and the man drove it. Which makes grandma’s visit to the casino even more startling! Did she go with her toy boy, I wonder?


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