Poem: Fear Creeps At Night

I left the window open

And something came in

It creeped silently

And it had no grin

It had no shape

It had no eyes

Yet it came at me

With such a surprise

I tossed and turned

I could not sleep

It came closer

With out one peep

It crawled onto my bed

Then onto my leg

It crept so softly

I had no need to beg

Still journeying up

It made its way to my ear

I could hear is whisper

All of my greatest fear

“Why didn’t he call you?”

“How will you pay that bill?”

“She thinks your fat.”

“Did anyone notice the spill?”

It was upon me

And I could not think

For fear came in my window

And it had made the link

Softly it spoke

With words so clear

And sat on my pillow

Close to my ear

I had had enough

I could stand no more

I got up quickly

And kicked it out the door

I laid back down again

Not knowing where it came

I closed my eyes to sleep

Only for it to come in again


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