Short Story – Papa’s Bar

Papa’s Bar


No one expected it. How could they? It seemed almost impossible. How do you lose someone in prison?


My papa was put away years ago when I was so little that I could barely remember him without those silly stripes. So, when I got the call from the police about his disappearing act, I wasn’t sure what they expected me to do. It is supposed to be their job to keep track of the inmates.


I tried to go on with my day like normal because lets face it, there wasn’t anything I could do. Then I heard a noise coming from the kitchen. I grabbed the metal bar that I kept next to the bed, you never know who will try something these days. I had carved my papa’s name into it as a reminder that at any time it could all be taken away.


I crept to the other side of the house and raised papa’s bar above my head. Before I could swing with all of my might, I saw him. There he was. Not lost at all. Instead, he was sitting at my kitchen table looking at the newspaper.


“Buenos dias, mi hija.” he said as if I should have expected to see him there.


“Papa!” I yelled dropping the bar.


“You didn’t think they could keep me in there forever, did ya?”


I hugged him for the first time in over a decade. I could have lived in that hug forever.


“But how?” I whispered.


“Soon they will realize that one of my bars is just being held on by bubble gum.” he laughed and hugged me harder.


“Well then, I better make you your favorite meal before they figure it out.”


That day my father showed me that anything is possible.

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