Short Story – The Phone Call

The Phone Call


As Holly closed the door, she took a deep breath in hopes that it would steady her breathing, but it was to no avail. Everything felt different now. Sure, everything looked the same. Same car. Same parking lot. Yet, everything was now different. Everything she had planned for the day seemed to fade away as she sat there trying not to hyperventilate.


The sound of the engine starting when she turned the key startled her a little as if she was unaware that her hand had put the key in and turned it. Holly could hear her heartbeat pounding in her ears. The sound was so loud that she couldn’t even hear the radio. All of her children were at school at this hour and her husband was at work. She sat in her usual parking spot outside of Walmart for a while just trying to collect her thoughts. It was as if her brain had a giant filing cabinet and that phone call made every file spill out onto the floor. How was she supposed to put it all back before everyone got home?


A cold numbness began to creep up her body, starting at the toes and making its way to the top of her head. Holly only had a few miles to drive, but today it would be the longest drive home. Almost by divine intervention, each light was green. She glided through while still picking up each file and attempting to put them back in order. Only for some reason, they all seemed to be in French and she never did pay attention in that class.


Everything changed. Holly parked her car in her driveway and could swear she could feel the Earth rotating beneath her. She knew she had to tell them.

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