Short Story – Ranch Romance

Ranch Romance


Dusting off the dirt from the hard days work on the ranch, Billy got into his old beat up pick up truck and headed for town. All day long he had been craving his favorite food from his favorite diner. He took his usual spot at the counter and didn’t need a menu.


“The usual, Deb.”


“I’m sorry, Billy, but we are all out of ranch dressing. I just gave the last cup of it to the woman next to you.” Deb gestured to the blonde who was about to dip her fries into his sought-after condiment. “We have other dipping sauces. Why don’t you try one of those?”


Billy looked defeated as if his most prized possession had been taken from him. Before he could kindly reject the offer, the blonde woman turned towards him and smiled. Her eyes were the most beautiful blue Billy had ever seen and they seemed to sparkle when she spoke. “We can share it if you promise not to double dip.” she laughed like what she said was funnier than it really was.


“Alright…” was all Billy could manage to get out.


The two of them locked eyes and took turns dipping fries into the ranch dressing.


“My name is Hailey, by the way.”


“I’m Billy.”


During that moment of having a more formal greeting, neither of them had noticed that they had forgotten whose turn it was. Their fries were now touching in the cup of ranch. Their fingers were mere centimeters from each other. Neither of them acknowledged it.


Before leaving, Hailey shook Billy’s hand. “It was nice sharing ranch with you.” Billy didn’t notice until she had walked away, but Hailey had left a piece of paper in his hand. “Call me. Lets share some more ranch.”



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