Poem – Pushing Through

Pushing Through

All that weighed you down and tried to keep you from blooming, could not match the inner strength of your roots

You dug deeper to push harder to find a crack in the concrete

Then you felt the sunlight on your pettles

That is all it took to finally let you expand and bloom

No matter who tries to pluck you from that spot, you always find away back

Back to the sunlight

Back through the crack

Back to where you bloom

I can only hope that my tears of joy touch you

That they soak into your stem and down to your roots

Where they will nourish you from within

You may have been a seed underneath the concrete, but with those tears and a sense of knowing that you were meant for so much more

You will always rise

Rise over and over again

Through the crack in the concrete

To meet the sun

To bloom once more

So you keep pushing through

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