Poem – Beauty Is Not Just For the Young

Beauty Is Not Just For the Young

Watch the seed grow

Marvel at how soft the leaves become

Read a book in its shade

Climb on top to see higher

Swing from the branches

But when the weather changes

The leaves transform

All eyes watch as the colors brighten

Coming from far and wide to gaze upon the beauty

Knowing it will only last for so long

One by one

The leaves lose their luster

Dropping and crumbling

Those eyes have gone from the tree to the ground

Gather up the once colorful leaves

Jump in them for a moment

Then carry them away

The tree stands alone

Mighty but bare

The colors have faded

The bark has been peeled away in places

But the inside continues to grow

Look closer

Look deeper

Behind the imperfections

And you will see that the beauty has gone deeper

It is in the roots which grounds the tree

The bark that shields the tree

And the strong branches that still stand tall

For beauty may be easy to see when the leaves are colorful

But if you look deeper

You find something stronger

More radiant than before

Beauty is not just for the young

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