Poem – Questioning


God, can you hear me

Or are you just my imagination?

Am I alone in my head

Or is there someone listening?

God, where do we go when we die?

Or do we just end?

Is there a purpose for it all

Or is it all just random existence?

God, does it matter if we are good

Or can anyone go to heaven?

Is there even a place to go

When this life is over?

God, do you love everyone

Or is it only the ones who believe?

Can people who do evil

Still be forgiven in the end?

God, where do unborn babies go

Or did they never have a soul?

Are ghosts really trapped souls

Or is it all pretend?

God, what if I don’t believe

Or are unable to have faith?

Will I be punished

Even when I have been good?

God, can you hear me

Or am I just talking to myself?

I never seem to get any answers

Or maybe that is the answer after all

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