Flash Fiction- Seeing Yourself In Your Children

Seeing Yourself In Your Children

Samantha and her kids sat in an impromptu circle in the backyard discussing deep topics on life. It started out as a simple question of if they thought God really existed and then expanded.

“What if we are already in the afterlife?” her 11 year old son asked.

“But is this heaven or hell?” asked her 8 year old daughter.

“Maybe it is both.” 

In that moment, Samantha could see herself in her children. Their eyes may be brown instead of blue, but they were definitely seeing life through the same eyes. She wanted this conversation to last forever.

4 responses to “Flash Fiction- Seeing Yourself In Your Children”

  1. What a feeling. As our children grow and we are chanced to experience moments like these, to see their perspectives deepen and strengthen. We’re always learning from our kids, it’s such a challenging but rewarding journey to be on. As cliche as that is. They’re humans who are learning about the world and everything that pertains to for the first time. Like watching a twist ending for the first time, or tasting our favourite food for the first time, or seeing a new country for the first time. They’re seeing everything we’ve seen, for their own first time and the way they interpret it all is unique and ever changing. I love every moment.

    I’ve also pondered the theory that perhaps this is our hell, and we must live through it as gracefully as we are able (all flaws and situations considered equally) and afterward is the heaven we’ll get to exist in. We’ve spoken about similar concepts with our kids while they’re young now and I can’t wait to see how their own theories grow and develop.


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