Poem – You and I

You and I are mere seeds blowing in the wind 

Destination unknown as we dance amongst the flow

Twisting and turning through the air

Never thinking about where we are going 

Then all at once

The force around us loosens its grip

Delicately we decent

Our directions diverge and I land upon the unnatural ground

Hardened not by nature but by man

While you find your way to the soil

There we lay

Mere feet from each other

You sink into the Earth and begin to sprout

I, on the other hand, have become a meal 

For a hungry creature larger than myself

You grow and flourish

As I digest and make my way through the darkness

You begin to reach the surface

Letting sun and rain feed your glory

Finally I descend to the Earth 

Covered in my past’s journey

But it has made me stronger 

And I begin to grow underneath

My roots spread far and wide

You grow steady and strong

Creating shelter and shade

I have just begun to break through the dirt

By the time you have sprouted fruit

Your shade keeps the sun from caressing me

But I still grow

Slowly but surely I still grow

Your branches are solid and now hold a swing for children to play

I am not tall enough to even climb 

You can see the horizon with its sunrises and sunsets

And I can only see them in my mind

The weather changes and our leaves begin to change 

Your colors are like a kaleidoscope 

Mine have turned brown

One by one our leaves fall

Mixing what was once yours and was once mine

Children jump in them and the leaves float through the air for a moment

We watch as apart of us is soaring once again

Remembering what it once was like

The last leaf falls and the cold wind blows

Shaking our branches

No matter how hard the wind tries

You and I stay rooted in the Earth

We are frozen but still we prevail

Once the warm returns and kisses our bark

We begin to grow

Your leaves are not there to block the sun

I grow faster than before

Soon we are almost the same

Two different journeys

But one same destination 

One same goal

We grow so tall and wide that we can finally touch each other

Branches intertwined

Two living things becoming almost one

Yet, still rooted in their own spots

Growing at their own pace

Trying to reach the sky together 

Where they once danced in the wind

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