Poem – Innocence Hunts the Wicked

Innocence Hunts the Wicked

I taste your heart beat as you enter the room

Innocence is always sweet

The anticipation fills your veins as you survey your surroundings

Button by button

My eyes undress your anxiety

You smile as if we already know each other

I pretend not to notice when you walk my way

You wore that dress that you know gets you attention

The one that plunges to lower than your father would allow

When you sit down next to me

I can feel the heat radiate off of you

You are here on a mission

Someone hurt you and now you needed to get even

My kind eyes have lured you in

I practiced that look until perfection

You feel at ease because you think you are in control

It doesn’t take long before you are suggesting we leave together

You are expecting to be covered in sweat and moaning

I begin to give you what you want

Until your moans turn to screams

But my sound proof walls were worth the extra expense

I lick your body as your heart beat stops

You taste better when you can’t breathe

Soon you will be like all of the others

A distant memory and a face on a poster

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