Poem – A Mother’s Promise

Happy birthday, little one

Welcome to the world

May your days be as happy as can be

May you never feel a single heart break

May you always look into mirrors with flattering lighting

May every camera take your picture at the right angle

May you never know the pains of skinned knees or harsh words

May you always find your way home, even through a storm

But know if none of those come true, I will still always be here for you

Even if your days are not happy

Even when you feel heart break

Even when the mirror and the cameras don’t remind you of how perfect you are

Even if you skin your knee or your feelings get hurt by harsh words

Even if you lose your way

I will always be there to hold you

And to remind you that you are so much more

Than all of those experiences

And no matter what

You will always be mommy’s girl


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