Letter to My Younger Self

Dear Younger Heather,

Hey. It’s me. Or should I say it’s you. You from the future. I wanted to give you some advice from my many years of experience.

Don’t worry so much about the small things. They will seem like really big things at the moment, but when you look back on them it will seem so small and insignificant. So, don’t waste your time worrying about it. Everything always ends up working out the way that it is supposed to in the end. 

Do things for yourself. Don’t rely on everyone else for your sense of self worth and value. Only you can determine that. You are amazing just the way you are, and you never need to change for anyone else. People will like you for your real self.

Don’t stress over things that you can’t control. No matter how much you worry or plan, it will not change a thing. So, just relax and enjoy the ride. Just know that you will survive everything that life throws at you. Sure, you will have battle scars in the process, but just know that you will be a stronger person on the other side of every difficult situation.

Do relax more often. No amount of stressing out will make your life any easier. It is a good thing to take a relaxing bath or go outside in a hammock. Take that vacation that you want to go on instead of worrying about money. Money comes and goes, but memories can last a lifetime.

So, younger me, I hope that this advice helps you but you know that I know exactly how you feel. I am you after all. Just remember that life is short and to make the most of it while you can.

Love Always,

   Me (you) but older


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