Category: free verse

  • Poem – Lighting the Darkness

    Poem – Lighting the Darkness

    In a world full of darkness Any light shines brighter As a beacon of hope That we are not alone Light comes from within With every smile Every kind gesture Cuts through the darkness like a knife One little smile may not light the world But that smile will light someone’s soul In a world…

  • Poem – Giving Until Empty

    Poem – Giving Until Empty

    Wearing more than tears on my shirt My vulnerability is woven into each stitch The holes within me are beginning to break through Thread that binds my soul to my body begins to unravel And here I am again Giving you another piece of me

  • Poem – Innocence Hunts the Wicked

    Poem – Innocence Hunts the Wicked

    Innocence Hunts the Wicked I taste your heart beat as you enter the room Innocence is always sweet The anticipation fills your veins as you survey your surroundings Button by button My eyes undress your anxiety You smile as if we already know each other I pretend not to notice when you walk my way…

  • Poem – I Am Just a Candle

    Poem – I Am Just a Candle

    I am just a candle On top of a cake waiting to be eaten Here to fulfill other people’s wishes Unable to live for myself Stuck in place until snatched From the sweetness Never being able to taste it My warmth comes with a price To give and never receive For I am just a…

  • Poem – Caged Bird

    Poem – Caged Bird

    A caged bird sings in the darkness Falling upon deaf ears Losing feathers from flightless wings The cover has been forgotten It stays collecting dust The caged bird only sees the night Though the darkness springs imagination Of soaring above the trees The darkened song bird Can almost feel the breeze The feathers that have…

  • Poem – Bully

    Poem – Bully

    Your words cut my skin like invisible knives Each word leaving a new wound Until there is no more surface to cut I am left bleeding unseen to the naked eye Your words enter my blood stream like toxin Filling me with your poison Changing how I will forever see myself When I look in…

  • Poem – You and I

    Poem – You and I

    You and I are mere seeds blowing in the wind  Destination unknown as we dance amongst the flow Twisting and turning through the air Never thinking about where we are going  Then all at once The force around us loosens its grip Delicately we decent Our directions diverge and I land upon the unnatural ground…

  • Poem – Paths Merging

    Poem – Paths Merging

    For in the forestThere is a pathThat diverges into twoBut one should seeThe perspective is new For instead of one dividingIt is two collidingOne side may be smoothThe other made of dirtBut together they joinOn the same destination It is no coincidenceFor fate brings it togetherWhere two paths mergeAnd face the stormy weatherAll on their…

  • Poem – Staying Positive

    Poem – Staying Positive

    Breathe in Take a moment to feel Close your eyes Soak it in A world that hasn’t been kind Breathe out Let it all go Open your eyes See the possibilities Life is what you make of it

  • Poem – Questioning

    Poem – Questioning

    Questioning  God, can you hear me Or are you just my imagination? Am I alone in my head Or is there someone listening? God, where do we go when we die? Or do we just end? Is there a purpose for it all Or is it all just random existence? God, does it matter if…