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  • Short Story: The Forbidden Forest

    Short Story: The Forbidden Forest

    He had waited his whole life to take the journey to the Forbidden Forest. Growing up, his father had told stories of how the Forbidden Forest held many wondrous treasures. They were not made of gold or silver but were the most delicious fruit anyone had ever tasted. Now that he was of age, he […]

  • Short Story: Almost Does Count

    Short Story: Almost Does Count

    They say that almost only counts in the game of horseshoes. I don’t know anything about that game but I do know that sometimes almost does count. Like the day I almost died. It was supposed to be like any other routine surgery. I tried not to let it get to me but being an […]

  • Flash Fiction: Wishing for Warmth

    Flash Fiction: Wishing for Warmth

    Flash Fiction Challenge December 28, 2017 Prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story about a wishing star. It can be central to the story or used in a different way. You can have a character interact or not. Go where the prompt leads. Wishing For Warmth The fire had begun to die. The […]

  • Short Story – Cozy Space to Think

    Short Story – Cozy Space to Think

    They called it cozy, but that was just realtor talk for small. She couldn’t afford more than cozy now that she had finally gotten the courage to leave her cheating husband. So, instead of stating the obvious of how bad the rental was, she walked around the small square footage quietly, trying to convince herself […]

  • Short Story: God is Listening

    Short Story: God is Listening

    He walked into the church fully prepared to confess his sins. The chapel was deserted but all of the candles had been lit. Taking a big sigh, which he wasn’t sure was out of a sense of relief or desperation, he sat down in the first pew. The giant statue of Jesus Christ on the […]

  • Short Story: The Devil Can Perform Miracles Too

    Short Story: The Devil Can Perform Miracles Too

    The Devil Can Perform Miracles Too They all said it was a miracle that I survived, but only the devil and I knew the truth. It all happened on a typical Sunday morning when I was forgetting on purpose to go to church like the good Christian I was. Sure, I went on the big […]

  • Short Story: Easy as Sunday Morning

    Short Story: Easy as Sunday Morning

    Mac always prided himself on being a level-headed guy. His whole life had been encased in logical thinking and preplanned out actions. So, when things started to go outside of his realm of comprehension, he found it hard to find logical ways to explain what he was seeing. It started like any other Sunday morning. Mac got […]

  • Flash Fiction: Shattered

    Flash Fiction: Shattered

    She clutched her chest and could feel the poison pulsating in her veins. She knew it was only a matter of minutes until it made her way to her heart. Only hours before she had everything she had ever wanted. She was in love with a man who she thought would make her happy for […]

  • Flash Fiction- Harvest Time

    Flash Fiction- Harvest Time

    Everyone usually loves this time of year when the leaves change and the sun begins to set sooner. I am not like the others in that reguard. For I know what comes when the weather changes. Harvest time. Harvest time is a time honored tradition in our village that dates back further than anyone can […]

  • Flash Fiction: Mushroom Gas

    Flash Fiction: Mushroom Gas

    This is a continuation of the flash fiction I wrote yesterday for the one word prompt droll. Mushroom Gas That document explained everything. We all thought that Hitler killed himself in that bunker. The Droll Project was lead by my grandpa and a small group of other spies. The Germans had developed a new lethal […]