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  • Short Story – Life Is About Choices

    Short Story – Life Is About Choices

    There was a feeling of static in the air as Jeremy sat down next to Sarah in the waiting room. This was their last chance. Everything else they had tried had failed. When the nurse called Sarah’s name, the couple took one last look at each other. “Do you want me to come with you?” […]

  • Flash Fiction – What Is Mom Hiding?

    Flash Fiction – What Is Mom Hiding?

    Brothers, Timothy and William, had seen out their window their mother bury a box in the back yard last night. Now that she had gone to work on the other side of town, it was time for some digging. The ground was hard from last night’s deep freeze but they were both determined to see […]

  • Flash Fiction – Leave the Lights On

    Flash Fiction – Leave the Lights On

    January 21, 2021, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story that rephrases “light at the end of the tunnel.” Think of how the cliche replacement communicates a hopeful ending and aligns with your character or story. Go where the prompt leads! Leave The Lights On We used to think there was […]

  • Flash Fiction – Appreciating Nature

    Flash Fiction – Appreciating Nature

    Appreciating Nature Jeff went for a hike in the mountains at the break of dawn. He felt like it was the best time of day to truly appreciate nature. As he stopped to take in the view over the cliff, the ground gave way and Jeff only had seconds to hold onto a branch of […]

  • Flash Fiction – Be Careful What You Wish For

    Flash Fiction – Be Careful What You Wish For

    Be Careful What You Wish For It had been a long day, and Ashley just wanted to get home. Not that there was anything or anyone waiting for her when she got there. She secretly wished to be coming home to someone and was tired of hearing her relatives ask her when she will finally […]

  • Flash Fiction – Mail Order Bride

    Flash Fiction – Mail Order Bride

    Mail Order Bride “Bring me more food, woman!”  Sam yelled at Ming Li. Sam had used an online site to find a bride from another country. He, being a privileged white American male, just naturally assumed that his new bride didn’t speak any English. So, he mostly pointed and yelled a lot. Once she brought […]

  • Flash Fiction – Zombie Apocalypse

    Flash Fiction – Zombie Apocalypse

    Zombie Apocalypse Marcus had spent his whole adult life prepping his house with all kinds of weapons and rations in case of a zombie attack. One night, while watching the news, he heard something outside his house. Marcus got his shot gun and opened the door to see a zombie with green skin and ragged […]

  • Flash Fiction – Hitchhiker

    Flash Fiction – Hitchhiker

    When I saw her, she was standing alone on the side of the road in the dark. When I pulled over, she got in without saying anything. She hung her head low covering her face with her long brown hair.  “Where are you going?” I asked turning back onto the road. I noticed she had […]

  • Flash Fiction – Dinner Party

    Flash Fiction – Dinner Party

    Thud Thud Anxiety builds. Sweat drips down his face as Michael tries to act natural as he eats. Jazz music plays sweetly throughout the room. Nancy keeps looking at Michael as if he is nervous to be meeting her parents for the first time. Thud Thud Nancy’s father tries to make small talk and use […]

  • My First Poll Block

    My First Poll Block