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  • Poem – Living With Depression

    Poem – Living With Depression

    Yesterday haunts me and tomorrow escapes me I cannot see through the apparition to see myself where my reflection once was I wipe and wipe the glass as if I can clear it But you cannot wipe away the past The best I can do is see glimpses of me When I walk away

  • Poem – I Am a Woman

    Poem – I Am a Woman

    I am more than the mountains you wish to climb Or the cave you wish to explore I am more than a life giver And a home maker I am more than my talents Or my trained skills I am more than a nurturer Or teacher of all things big and small For I am…

  • Poem – I Am Not At Peace

    Poem – I Am Not At Peace

    I am not at peace For my insides are at war My mind fights an imaginary battle Where there are no winners, only losers My body is armed and attacking Only it seems to attack itself instead of outside forces On the surface, I appear as if my soul dance in the sunshine But, I…

  • Poem – Missing the Sunshine

    Poem – Missing the Sunshine

    Sometimes I feel as if I am cold blooded For when the sun is gone and it is cold and gray It is as if my body does not function Oh, how I wish to be On a rock in the sun Feeling completely at peace with the world

  • Poem – Anxiety

    Poem – Anxiety

    Sometimes at night My thoughts come to life And wrap its long fingers around my throat Leaving me gasping Eventually it grows weary and releases its grip I lie there with my thoughts As if it were a lover next to me Wishing to be lovingly embraced Only to find its touch is icy When…

  • Poem – Open Book

    Poem – Open Book

    He took me off the shelf Because he liked my cover He clumsily fingered my spine Hoping it would give him the answers Then page by page he turned quickly As if he could really absorb it For I was an open book But sadly he was illiterate It was all there in black and…

  • Poem – Giving Until Empty

    Poem – Giving Until Empty

    Wearing more than tears on my shirt My vulnerability is woven into each stitch The holes within me are beginning to break through Thread that binds my soul to my body begins to unravel And here I am again Giving you another piece of me

  • Children’s Story – Peppy the Squeaking Chicken

    Children’s Story – Peppy the Squeaking Chicken

    Peppy the Squeaking Chicken By Heather L. Gonzalez Mr. McFeely had many animals on his farm. Each animal was special in its own way. One of his favorite animals was the chickens. There were red chickens. There were brown chickens. There were black chickens. There were even white chickens. Everyday, Mr. McFeely would feed his…

  • Poem – I Am Just a Candle

    Poem – I Am Just a Candle

    I am just a candle On top of a cake waiting to be eaten Here to fulfill other people’s wishes Unable to live for myself Stuck in place until snatched From the sweetness Never being able to taste it My warmth comes with a price To give and never receive For I am just a…

  • Poem – Caged Bird

    Poem – Caged Bird

    A caged bird sings in the darkness Falling upon deaf ears Losing feathers from flightless wings The cover has been forgotten It stays collecting dust The caged bird only sees the night Though the darkness springs imagination Of soaring above the trees The darkened song bird Can almost feel the breeze The feathers that have…