Poem – Stuck

I am stuck Stuck inbetween What I used to be and what I am No longer the student and yet not the teacher I am stuck Stuck in a body that betrays me Where my mind plays tricks And my skin feels too much I am stuck Stuck between sanity and the great beyond Where... Continue Reading →

Poem – Invisible Pain

Deep inside me it lives Waiting just below the surface Tiny pieces as sharp as glass Scraping me from the inside With a smile plastered on my face I keep moving forward Waiting for it all to shatter And spill upon the Earth So that people can finally see What is actually going on inside... Continue Reading →

Poem – Chronic Illness

The never ending feeling grows Spreading from my head to my toes No one knows how it started I just wish it had parted Each day it only seems to grow If only I knew how to let it go It fills up my body in every space Leaving only damage in its place When... Continue Reading →

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