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  • Poem – Living With Depression

    Poem – Living With Depression

    Yesterday haunts me and tomorrow escapes me I cannot see through the apparition to see myself where my reflection once was I wipe and wipe the glass as if I can clear it But you cannot wipe away the past The best I can do is see glimpses of me When I walk away

  • Poem – I Am Not At Peace

    Poem – I Am Not At Peace

    I am not at peace For my insides are at war My mind fights an imaginary battle Where there are no winners, only losers My body is armed and attacking Only it seems to attack itself instead of outside forces On the surface, I appear as if my soul dance in the sunshine But, I…

  • Poem – Anxiety

    Poem – Anxiety

    Sometimes at night My thoughts come to life And wrap its long fingers around my throat Leaving me gasping Eventually it grows weary and releases its grip I lie there with my thoughts As if it were a lover next to me Wishing to be lovingly embraced Only to find its touch is icy When…

  • Poem – Stuck

    Poem – Stuck

    I am stuck Stuck inbetween What I used to be and what I am No longer the student and yet not the teacher I am stuck Stuck in a body that betrays me Where my mind plays tricks And my skin feels too much I am stuck Stuck between sanity and the great beyond Where…

  • Poem – Poetry in Therapy

    Poem – Poetry in Therapy

    Poetry is therapy It gives you a chance To unleash what is deep inside Making it seem more magical And less like a problem you hide Depression is real But poetry helps put the monsters On the page Instead of inside your head

  • Poem – Bad Days

    Poem – Bad Days

    The monsters came in When I gave away my power There wasn’t much room So they pushed things out Out went my self worth And my sense of sanity For monsters have no need For things like that Instead they cozied up with My fears and insecurities And enjoyed watching me crumble Under the weight…

  • Poem – Depressed

    Poem – Depressed

    Your world’s collapsing It’s the monsters in your head Nothing you can touch

  • Opinion: What it is Like to Have Functional Depression.

    Opinion: What it is Like to Have Functional Depression.

    So, this is a hard thing for me to talk about. I have been hiding something about me from most people for a long time. I have depression. Most people don’t know this about me because I have what they call functional depression. I am able to manage well enough that most people have no…

  • Poem: Functional Depression on the Bad Days

    Poem: Functional Depression on the Bad Days

    The room seems darker My body seems heavier Weighed down by the world

  • Poem: Heavy Headed

    Poem: Heavy Headed

    You don’t have control Depression is a mind storm Don’t try to fight it