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  • Poem – Nightly Ritual

    Poem – Nightly Ritual

    It begins in the heart Pulse racing at the start But then begins to slow As your mind begins to roll The room feels darker now You aren’t even sure how But somehow you just know That it is your time to go Off to a world deep in your head Far from the limits…

  • Poem – Escaping Dreams

    Poem – Escaping Dreams

    When I close my eyes I dream Of places I have never been But yet they feel like old memories I dream outside the laws of physics Where anything is possible Sometimes, even the worst of dreams Are a welcomed change to my reality For reality has limits And keeps you from flying So, when…

  • Poem – Where Are You?

    Poem – Where Are You?

    At night in my dreams  I can do anything but I cannot find you

  • Short Story – The Ravine

    Short Story – The Ravine

    The Ravine By Heather Gonzalez   The sun peeked through the windows and kissed my cheek to wake me up. Those are always my favorite kind of mornings. After such gloomy, cloudy days, I was ready to feel the sun against my skin again.    The house was quiet which unusual for the weekend, but…

  • Poem: Subconscious

    Poem: Subconscious

    Only in your dreams Can you face your deepest fears That you didn’t know

  • Flash Fiction – Dream

    Flash Fiction – Dream

    Flash Fiction is write a short stories that is between 100 – 150 words sometimes inspired by a photo.