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  • Short Story – The Price of War

    Short Story – The Price of War

    The Price of War My stomach was making that sound again. I was worried that they would find my hiding place. It was obvious that my chances of survival were slim. This whole ugly mess started last night when the bombs went off in my neighborhood. Now they were so close I could hear their…

  • Poem – Giving Until Empty

    Poem – Giving Until Empty

    Wearing more than tears on my shirt My vulnerability is woven into each stitch The holes within me are beginning to break through Thread that binds my soul to my body begins to unravel And here I am again Giving you another piece of me

  • Poem: Fear Creeps At Night

    Poem: Fear Creeps At Night

    I left the window open And something came in It creeped silently And it had no grin It had no shape It had no eyes Yet it came at me With such a surprise I tossed and turned I could not sleep It came closer With out one peep It crawled onto my bed Then…

  • Flash Fiction: Bite Me Once

    Flash Fiction: Bite Me Once

    Friday Fictioneers Using the above photo as inspiration, write a flash fiction with 100 words or less. Bite Me Once As a child, my brother cruelly locked me in a closet that was known for being filled with spiders. As an adult, the trauma left me terrified of spiders. My husband was of the philosophy…