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  • Flash Fiction – All the Little Moments

    Flash Fiction – All the Little Moments

    January 30, 2023, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story about the dishes. It can be the every-single-day activity, a precious collection, or any other interpretation of dishes as objects or activities. Who is stuck with the dishes and why? Go where the prompt leads! All the Little Moments Martha inhaled […]

  • Flash Fiction – What’s for Dinner?

    Flash Fiction – What’s for Dinner?

    What’s For Dinner? Amelio and Jillie decided to spend their anniversary going on a hike to have a picnic. They had brought every supply possible, except for a map. So, it was no big surprise when they got lost. The first day wasn’t so bad, but by day five when they hadn’t had food in […]

  • Flash Fiction – Was I Dreaming?

    Flash Fiction – Was I Dreaming?

    Was I Dreaming? The craziest thing happened last night. I was dreaming that I was locked in a room and couldn’t find a way out. Then, a tiny door in the wall opened up and seven mongooses came out. For some reason they were all wearing orange hats. Then I woke up. I decided since […]

  • Flash Fiction – Gorgeous Mess

    Flash Fiction – Gorgeous Mess

    Gorgeous Mess Mr. Pineapple was known for having the best science experiments in class. The only problem was that he wasn’t very good at remembering to wear his glasses. The last time we tried to make something float, he accidentally exploded half of the classroom. It was such a gorgeous mess for the janitor to […]

  • Flash Fiction – Johnny Makes a Splash

    Flash Fiction – Johnny Makes a Splash

    Johnny Makes a Splash It was supposed to be like any other boring field trip to the zoo. The same one we did every year. Only no one noticed Johnny messing with the gorilla cage’s lock with a clothespin. Before we knew it, he had released the gorilla and managed to make a huge splash […]

  • Flash Fiction – Will I Make It Out Alive?

    Flash Fiction – Will I Make It Out Alive?

    Will I Make It Out Alive? My stomach was making that borborygmus sound again. I was worried that they would find my hiding place. It was unequivocal that my chances of survival were slim. This whole unprepossessing mess started last night when the bombs went off in my neighborhood. Now they were so close I […]

  • Flash Fiction – Wrong Career

    Flash Fiction – Wrong Career

    Wrong Career Marcus stared at the blank page on the screen. It was so irresponsible of him to wait until the last minute to write his essay on the mating habits of pangolins, but he was sure that he would be inspired at the last moment. Instead, he just sat there in his same beige […]

  • Flash Fiction- Closet Full Of Memories

    Flash Fiction- Closet Full Of Memories

    Closet Full Of Memories Sam decided it was finally time to clean out her closet. The only problem was that she kept getting lost in old memories. Like the time she made paper flowers using her grandmother’s stapler and scissors or the old stick horse she rode around the house. It was easy to throw […]

  • Flash Fiction – Digging Up the Truth

    Flash Fiction – Digging Up the Truth

    Digging Up the Truth Ever since my husband went away, I have been trying to create as much fun as I can for the kids. So, I racked up a big pile of leaves as my kids played on the playset. Our golden retriever, Gus, wanted to help, but he was mostly just digging holes. […]

  • Flash Fiction – Dreams Come True

    Flash Fiction – Dreams Come True

    Dreams Come True It happened again. I was so sure this time. Everything definitely didn’t feel like it usually did and I was so excited to do whatever I wanted. So, I took it upon myself to explore everything I could do. I climbed to the top of my house and spread my arms out […]