Poem – Invisible Pain

Deep inside me it lives Waiting just below the surface Tiny pieces as sharp as glass Scraping me from the inside With a smile plastered on my face I keep moving forward Waiting for it all to shatter And spill upon the Earth So that people can finally see What is actually going on inside... Continue Reading →

Poem – Life Is What You Make Of It

Rise to the sun each morning Even when it does not shine For each day is a good day When you realize all that you have Because the grass is never greener On the other side It is just shorter and well maintained So get out your mower And get to tending your life

Poem – There Is More To Poetry

Poetry is so much more than words on a page It is thoughts that are conjured up In the mind of the reader For every poem can be interpreted Differently by each person Bringing new insight through Ones own personal experiences A poem is not just written For the poets way of seeing the world... Continue Reading →

Poem – Masks

Do your eyes tell strangers That you appreciate their kind gestures When your lips are covered? Do you see deeper into their souls when we can only see eye to eye from far apart? Or do you look away As if everyone around you is carrying The invisible foe we all fear? We cover our... Continue Reading →

Poem – Muse

Hold me down Below the surface Of my own imaginationĀ  Crashing waves of My own inspiration Washing up over me Pushing up against The surface Of my limitations Float to the top With my aspirations  To find if I can breathe

Poem – Caterpillar

You were a caterpillar  Who climbed the trees to find the best views As you began to fill yourself With what you needed Then you settled down in the right spot Wrapped yourself in the deep commitment As time went on, you began to change But your cocoon could not keep you For you were... Continue Reading →

Poem – Ghosted

Your words licked my wounds Showing me I am able to heal Your voice like bandages covering me Letting go completely I reach up Over my body covered in scars To open up my heart Vulnerable Naked Exposed Turning towards you I find nothingness  Alone With my aching  Heart in my hands

Poem – Enjoy the Ride

Get in Strap in Hold on tight Enjoy the ride Slowly you ascend towards the heavens Every movement forward Is exciting and terrifying all at once You relax your grip at the top And take a moment to see the view With no warming You fall Faster and faster To towards the Earth Just before... Continue Reading →

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