Flash Fiction – Eventually They See

It was supposed to be like any other interview but everything felt different. Nothing looked out of place in the man's apartment and he seemed friendly enough. "Tell me about the first time that you noticed you were different." she stated, picking up her notebook. "When I was little and my mom couldn't see them."... Continue Reading →

Flash Fiction – Priced to Sell

May 17, 2018, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story about property values. Perhaps its a home, business or pencil museum. What makes them go up or down? Go where the prompt leads. Priced to Sell “How did we manage to get such a good price for the house?” Mandy asked... Continue Reading →

Flash Fiction – Nightly Visitor

A faint cry came over the baby monitor. Laurie tossed and turned in anticipation for what she knew was coming. She closed her eyes once more and when the sound of crying never came, she fell back to sleep. Eventually, she was awoken by cries. Before Laurie could respond, she heard a voice soothing her... Continue Reading →

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