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  • Poem – Songs of the Soul

    Poem – Songs of the Soul

    I hear a song on the radio, and I think of you. For a split second, I can feel the warmth of your voice in my chest. Then the note changes, and I remember you are not there. And I am alone, listening to a song that reminds me of you. Instead of changing the […]

  • Poem – Life Is What You Make Of It

    Poem – Life Is What You Make Of It

    Rise to the sun each morning Even when it does not shine For each day is a good day When you realize all that you have Because the grass is never greener On the other side It is just shorter and well maintained So get out your mower And get to tending your life

  • Opinion – What I Learned In My 30s

    Opinion – What I Learned In My 30s

    This past year has been a tough one. A lot of ups and downs. Even God testing me to see what I can handle. The truth is that even though I have gone through a lot, I have learned a lot and grown. During this process, I lost the ability to express myself creatively for […]