Short Story – Life Is About Choices

There was a feeling of static in the air as Jeremy sat down next to Sarah in the waiting room. This was their last chance. Everything else they had tried had failed. When the nurse called Sarah's name, the couple took one last look at each other. "Do you want me to come with you?"... Continue Reading →

Poem – Caterpillar

You were a caterpillar  Who climbed the trees to find the best views As you began to fill yourself With what you needed Then you settled down in the right spot Wrapped yourself in the deep commitment As time went on, you began to change But your cocoon could not keep you For you were... Continue Reading →

Poem – Enjoy the Ride

Get in Strap in Hold on tight Enjoy the ride Slowly you ascend towards the heavens Every movement forward Is exciting and terrifying all at once You relax your grip at the top And take a moment to see the view With no warming You fall Faster and faster To towards the Earth Just before... Continue Reading →

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