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  • Poem – Caged Bird

    Poem – Caged Bird

    A caged bird sings in the darkness Falling upon deaf ears Losing feathers from flightless wings The cover has been forgotten It stays collecting dust The caged bird only sees the night Though the darkness springs imagination Of soaring above the trees The darkened song bird Can almost feel the breeze The feathers that have…

  • Poem – Paths Merging

    Poem – Paths Merging

    For in the forestThere is a pathThat diverges into twoBut one should seeThe perspective is new For instead of one dividingIt is two collidingOne side may be smoothThe other made of dirtBut together they joinOn the same destination It is no coincidenceFor fate brings it togetherWhere two paths mergeAnd face the stormy weatherAll on their…

  • Poem – Life Is Ever Changing

    Poem – Life Is Ever Changing

    Breeze kisses my skin Goosebumps rise to kiss the wind Seasons are changing

  • Flash Fiction – Filters

    Flash Fiction – Filters

    Six Sentence Story – Connection Filters Shelby felt like she had slipped between the cracks of her life where she was neither in or out of most things. Her phone was the connection to a reality that she was supposed to have with filters and fake smiles. The more she tried to connect to that…

  • Flash Fiction – Feeding Family

    Flash Fiction – Feeding Family

    Feeding Family Everyday Ester and Bill would sit at the same bench in the park and feed the birds. Once Bill passed on, Ester found it hard to keep going. They never had children during their 50 years of marriage and in a way she had begun to feel like the birds were her family.…

  • Short Story – Life Is About Choices

    Short Story – Life Is About Choices

    There was a feeling of static in the air as Jeremy sat down next to Sarah in the waiting room. This was their last chance. Everything else they had tried had failed. When the nurse called Sarah’s name, the couple took one last look at each other. “Do you want me to come with you?”…

  • Poem – The Sunshine Of Life

    Poem – The Sunshine Of Life

    It has begun like it always does With one tiny snowflake Then more and more begin to fall Ice and snow piles on top of your roof It feels as if the weight of it all will not hold The sunshine peeks through the clouds At first, you do not see how a ray of…

  • Poem – Caterpillar

    Poem – Caterpillar

    You were a caterpillar  Who climbed the trees to find the best views As you began to fill yourself With what you needed Then you settled down in the right spot Wrapped yourself in the deep commitment As time went on, you began to change But your cocoon could not keep you For you were…

  • Poem – Mother Nature

    Poem – Mother Nature

    Wind blows through my hair Touching my skin so gently Like a kiss from God

  • Poem – Enjoy the Ride

    Poem – Enjoy the Ride

    Get in Strap in Hold on tight Enjoy the ride Slowly you ascend towards the heavens Every movement forward Is exciting and terrifying all at once You relax your grip at the top And take a moment to see the view With no warming You fall Faster and faster To towards the Earth Just before…