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  • Poem – A Mother’s Promise

    Poem – A Mother’s Promise

    Happy birthday, little one Welcome to the world May your days be as happy as can be May you never feel a single heart break May you always look into mirrors with flattering lighting May every camera take your picture at the right angle May you never know the pains of skinned knees or harsh…

  • Short Story – Life Is About Choices

    Short Story – Life Is About Choices

    There was a feeling of static in the air as Jeremy sat down next to Sarah in the waiting room. This was their last chance. Everything else they had tried had failed. When the nurse called Sarah’s name, the couple took one last look at each other. “Do you want me to come with you?”…

  • Flash Fiction – A Child In Mama’s Eyes

    Flash Fiction – A Child In Mama’s Eyes

    Mama had spent every penny she had to make me that dress. I didn’t have the heart to tell her that I wasn’t a little girl anymore who wanted to wear rainbow dresses, but a full grown woman who would rather wear a t-shirt and jeans. She didn’t even have any source of income anymore,…

  • Poem – They Say

    Poem – They Say

    They say: Change your hair Make it silky smooth Nothing out of place I say: I am who I am. I am beautiful. They say: Change your body Lose weight Less is more I say: I am who I am. I am beautiful. They say: Put make up on your face Hide those pimples Pluck…

  • Poem – My Heart Is Calling

    Poem – My Heart Is Calling

    At night My heart beats faster As if it is calling out to you But you never seem to answer And your voice-mail is full So I hang up in my sleep

  • Poem – Complicated Love

    Poem – Complicated Love

    Hard to let you go You have a grip on my heart It think it might burst

  • Poem – Ghosted

    Poem – Ghosted

    Your words licked my wounds Showing me I am able to heal Your voice like bandages covering me Letting go completely I reach up Over my body covered in scars To open up my heart Vulnerable Naked Exposed Turning towards you I find nothingness  Alone With my aching  Heart in my hands

  • Poem: The Bigger the Better 

    Poem: The Bigger the Better 

    At the beginning there was only one Where dreams were big and songs were sung When you came it became two Where love blossomed and it grew First baby boy made us three With sleepless nights and a new body Another boy came to make us four Toddler and newborn who could ask for more…

  • Poem: Reconnecting

    Poem: Reconnecting

    We are kids again Finding pleasure in small things Love just keeps growing