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  • Essay – What Influences Me?

    Essay – What Influences Me?

    What Influences Me? When I was a kid, life seemed a little simpler. The outdoors was our natural playground. If you were found inside the house on a beautiful day doing something like watching tv, you would eventually be told to go back to nature. My summers were filled with swimming, bike riding, sleep overs, […]

  • Poem – You and I

    Poem – You and I

    You and I are mere seeds blowing in the wind  Destination unknown as we dance amongst the flow Twisting and turning through the air Never thinking about where we are going  Then all at once The force around us loosens its grip Delicately we decent Our directions diverge and I land upon the unnatural ground […]

  • Poem – Life Is Ever Changing

    Poem – Life Is Ever Changing

    Breeze kisses my skin Goosebumps rise to kiss the wind Seasons are changing

  • Short Story – Nighttime Adventure

    Short Story – Nighttime Adventure

    “Wake up…” my father whispered as he gently tapped me on the shoulder, “It is time.” I rolled out of bed and rubbed the sleep from my tired eyes. My father had already left the room and I could hear his footsteps going down the stairs. I put on my slippers and hurried to catch […]

  • Poem – Life Is What You Make Of It

    Poem – Life Is What You Make Of It

    Rise to the sun each morning Even when it does not shine For each day is a good day When you realize all that you have Because the grass is never greener On the other side It is just shorter and well maintained So get out your mower And get to tending your life

  • Poem – Mother Nature

    Poem – Mother Nature

    Wind blows through my hair Touching my skin so gently Like a kiss from God

  • Poem: Haiku By the Lake

    Poem: Haiku By the Lake

    Birds singing in trees Hammock swaying in the breeze Haiku by the lake