Flash Fiction: Interview

"Can I be candid with you, Michael?", Mr. Banks was tapping on his desk with his monogrammed pen. "Of course." "Many candidates have more qualifications than you do..." he paused dramatically keeping his eyes on the resume and never once looking up at Michael. Michael's shoulders began to sink slowly in anticipation of what was... Continue Reading →

Flash Fiction: Death Do Us Part

It is shocking to see how many people get a divorce these days. It is death do us part, I always say. When your wife starts to show how the years have changed her body, you don't just find a new one. Or when your husband is unfaithful, you don't just leave.┬áInstead, you remember that... Continue Reading →

Flash Fiction: Underestimated

My twin sister Kathy was the popular one. Even though we were identical, I felt like I was invisible most days. She spent her time being social and I spent all of mine reading murder mysteries. On the day it happened, Kathy asked to borrow my favorite necklace. When they found the body at the... Continue Reading →

Flash Fiction: Scavaging the Truth

Prompt 2: Setting: Under a Bush Character: A Great Dane Object: A Magnifying Glass Scavaging the Truth Maggie found a loophole in the scavenger hunt rules. It said you couldn't work with another person, not a dog. So, Scooby, her massive Great Dane with a nose for snooping was already sniffing under the bushes in... Continue Reading →

Short Story: Mr. Crank

Everyone always thought he was such a curmudgeon. The truth was he was just a broken man. After the war, the world had seemed like such a different place that evoked fear as a means to control. Even the news was no longer a place to turn to for a sense of reality. Most newspapers... Continue Reading →

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