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  • Poem – Giving Until Empty

    Poem – Giving Until Empty

    Wearing more than tears on my shirt My vulnerability is woven into each stitch The holes within me are beginning to break through Thread that binds my soul to my body begins to unravel And here I am again Giving you another piece of me

  • Poem – Invisible Pain

    Poem – Invisible Pain

    Deep inside me it lives Waiting just below the surface Tiny pieces as sharp as glass Scraping me from the inside With a smile plastered on my face I keep moving forward Waiting for it all to shatter And spill upon the Earth So that people can finally see What is actually going on inside […]

  • Poem – Life Is What You Make Of It

    Poem – Life Is What You Make Of It

    Rise to the sun each morning Even when it does not shine For each day is a good day When you realize all that you have Because the grass is never greener On the other side It is just shorter and well maintained So get out your mower And get to tending your life

  • Poem – Real American Justice

    Poem – Real American Justice

    Color of your skinWill open or close the doorsTo your own freedom Real justice for someAmerican flags for allPlease open your eyes Calling white peopleActually look aroundAt other colors Injustice is realWhite privilege rampantWe are all human Put down your weaponsRaise up your words for justiceFor all citizens Humanity livesIf we all come togetherIn the […]

  • Poem – There Is More To Poetry

    Poem – There Is More To Poetry

    Poetry is so much more than words on a page It is thoughts that are conjured up In the mind of the reader For every poem can be interpreted Differently by each person Bringing new insight through Ones own personal experiences A poem is not just written For the poets way of seeing the world […]

  • Poem – Looking Within

    Poem – Looking Within

    Kindness flows through her veinsLike cool pools of waterReaching to her eyesKissed with blue More than just blue eyesLike a flower she will bloomAnd rise to the sunBut wilt in the shade Inside she feels the painsOf the humanityAnd holds tight to the thoughtThat one day, kindness will prevail Long locks of red painted over […]

  • Poem – What We Used To Have

    Poem – What We Used To Have

    What We Used To Have Remember when we could smile at each other? When cloth did not cover up our happiness. Remember when we could embrace each other? When human touch was a good thing. Maybe we took it for granted. Being able to show each other how we feel with a smile and a […]

  • Poem – Muse

    Poem – Muse

    Hold me down Below the surface Of my own imagination  Crashing waves of My own inspiration Washing up over me Pushing up against The surface Of my limitations Float to the top With my aspirations  To find if I can breathe

  • Poem – Caterpillar

    Poem – Caterpillar

    You were a caterpillar  Who climbed the trees to find the best views As you began to fill yourself With what you needed Then you settled down in the right spot Wrapped yourself in the deep commitment As time went on, you began to change But your cocoon could not keep you For you were […]

  • Poem – Mother Nature

    Poem – Mother Nature

    Wind blows through my hair Touching my skin so gently Like a kiss from God