Poem – What We Used To Have

What We Used To Have Remember when we could smile at each other? When cloth did not cover up our happiness. Remember when we could embrace each other? When human touch was a good thing. Maybe we took it for granted. Being able to show each other how we feel with a smile and a... Continue Reading →

Poem – They Say

They say: Change your hair Make it silky smooth Nothing out of place I say: I am who I am. I am beautiful. They say: Change your body Lose weight Less is more I say: I am who I am. I am beautiful. They say: Put make up on your face Hide those pimples Pluck... Continue Reading →

Poem – Ghosted

Your words licked my wounds Showing me I am able to heal Your voice like bandages covering me Letting go completely I reach up Over my body covered in scars To open up my heart Vulnerable Naked Exposed Turning towards you I find nothingness  Alone With my aching  Heart in my hands

Poem – Enjoy the Ride

Get in Strap in Hold on tight Enjoy the ride Slowly you ascend towards the heavens Every movement forward Is exciting and terrifying all at once You relax your grip at the top And take a moment to see the view With no warming You fall Faster and faster To towards the Earth Just before... Continue Reading →

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