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  • Poem – Staying Positive

    Poem – Staying Positive

    Breathe in Take a moment to feel Close your eyes Soak it in A world that hasn’t been kind Breathe out Let it all go Open your eyes See the possibilities Life is what you make of it

  • Poem – The Sunshine Of Life

    Poem – The Sunshine Of Life

    It has begun like it always does With one tiny snowflake Then more and more begin to fall Ice and snow piles on top of your roof It feels as if the weight of it all will not hold The sunshine peeks through the clouds At first, you do not see how a ray of […]

  • Poem – Life Is What You Make Of It

    Poem – Life Is What You Make Of It

    Rise to the sun each morning Even when it does not shine For each day is a good day When you realize all that you have Because the grass is never greener On the other side It is just shorter and well maintained So get out your mower And get to tending your life

  • Poem – There Is More To Poetry

    Poem – There Is More To Poetry

    Poetry is so much more than words on a page It is thoughts that are conjured up In the mind of the reader For every poem can be interpreted Differently by each person Bringing new insight through Ones own personal experiences A poem is not just written For the poets way of seeing the world […]

  • Poem – Pushing Through

    Poem – Pushing Through

    Pushing Through All that weighed you down and tried to keep you from blooming, could not match the inner strength of your roots You dug deeper to push harder to find a crack in the concrete Then you felt the sunlight on your pettles That is all it took to finally let you expand and […]

  • Poem – Beauty

    Poem – Beauty

    There is more to you Than the shape of your body You are beautiful

  • The Power of Positivity

    The Power of Positivity

    Positivity is the one thing that you can share and it will continue to grow. You can improve your life by bringing more positivity into your home and workplace.