Poem – Open Book

He took me off the shelf Because he liked my cover He clumsily fingered my spine Hoping it would give him the answers Then page by page he turned quickly As if he could really absorb it For I was an open book But sadly he was illiterate It was all there in black and... Continue Reading →

Poem – Paths Merging

For in the forestThere is a pathThat diverges into twoBut one should seeThe perspective is new For instead of one dividingIt is two collidingOne side may be smoothThe other made of dirtBut together they joinOn the same destination It is no coincidenceFor fate brings it togetherWhere two paths mergeAnd face the stormy weatherAll on their... Continue Reading →

Poem: Relationships

Life is a road The drive is much sweeter with someone else When you come to potholes or traffic Don't take it out on the one next to you Instead, enjoy the journey together    

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